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Grants for mobility

Grants for mobility in the Xarxa Vives

The Vives Network provides mobility grants for activities in the framework of the participating universities in Vives Network.

Among the different aids offered by Xarxa Vives may be interesting to knowing about DRAC Advanced Training which provide a contribution up to 420 euros for the mobility of students between the universities participating in the master. The aid icovers the costs of accommodation and transport for courses, seminars or research stays at differents universities (enrollment is done at the University of Lleida) as long as it involves a trip exceeds 50 km. For more information please see the Xarxa Vives website.

Other mobility aids

You can view information on other mobility programs at the following link:


Accommodation in Castellon de la Plana

While the methodology of the Masters in Criminal Justice System allows its development is done primarily online, it is mandatory to attend the University Jaume I of Castellón de la Plana for a period of two weeks during November for assistance actual teaching of the core subjects and for a week during the month of March or April for the classroom teaching of electives. The city of Castellón de la Plana offers a wide range of temporary accommodation such as hotels or residences. For guidance, we indicate a series of accommodations that you can see:

Accommodation in Lleida

In the case of choosing one of two electives in your presentiality is done at the University of Lleida (New criminal business law and system of criminal sanctions) can consult the following website for information on accommodation in the city of Lleida.